Philippe Roset

Je suis naturopathe spécialiste en phytothérapie (micro-nutrition, ayurveda, gemmothérapie) et je vous accueille en consultation dans mon cabinet à Bordeaux pour un bilan de santé naturelle (soins et prévention des maladies, bien-être). Professionnel engagé, à l’écoute de sa clientèle, j’exerce ma profession avec enthousiasme et passion.

Phytotherapy is the science and art of using medicinal plants to make preparations that prevent, maintain or recover disease. Phytotherapy is indicated for a large number of conditions and should be included in all prescriptions. It is a field medicine rather than a medicine of precise pathology. It is in this sense that it has experienced a revival in recent years, not in public opinion, which has always remained largely faithful to it, but among practitioners.

One of the most serious problems of today's medicine is that, due to lack of time, training and also for legal reasons, conventional doctors tend not to offer their patients natural solutions, which nevertheless offer great hope. We now know that natural compounds can help relieve pain and disease, without danger or side effects, and at a paltry cost when we have the right information.

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2 opinions on Philippe Roset

  1. Mr ROSET is great, he has been treating me for 1 year and a half, he gives the best advice on food, daily life and treatments. He is always looking for solutions to problems. My health is much better. I validate and continue.

  2. I went to Mr Roset to get more knowledge about healthy eating, in a session of about 2 hours he explained the basics of it. This meeting was very interesting, I'm delighted. I then changed my habits. Mr. Roset is a great naturopath, I recommend him.

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